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Completely Clear Paint Protection Film for New Cars

In 2018, Ultra Shield Australia was launched with the purpose of providing affordable, customised DIY Paint Protection Film (PPF) kits to consumers who are interested in protecting their new vehicle’s factory finish from stone chips, UV rays, and other environmental hazards. As a company, we have made it our mission to provide a product that not only does it jobs at protecting your investment, but also adds to its aesthetics with a crisp, lustrous finish without compromising the factory paint works colour. So, to give your car the best defence, don’t risk buying an inferior product – choose the best from Ultra Shield Protection.

Why you should buy low cost, highly effective clear paint protection film

Paint Protection Film is designed to be applied to all smooth non-porous surfaces to protect the vehicle’s paintwork against stone chips, surface scratches, scuffs and etchings. With the advanced technology behind modern day Polyurethane films and their top coats, PPF provides a high gloss finish with self-heating and/or hydrophobic properties.

With the increasing demand in affordable high quality PPF, Ultra Shield designs and supplies model specific wear and tear kits that allow everyday consumers to buy and apply the film on their cars with ease and the best coverage possible.

If there is a kit that is not listed please contact us as we also have access to our trusted supplier databases where might be able to source a suitable kit for your requirements.

Defend against stone chips and more with clear paint protection film

Whether you’re looking at applying Paint Protection Film to your headlights, bonnet, door edges, handle cups, or even on a motorcycle, Ultra Shield Protection has you covered. Make the smarter choice and work with our team of professionals to prevent stone chips, dents, discolouration and more. If you want to buy our affordable high quality, clear paint protection film, but are concerned about installing it yourself, we also provide training and additional services to assist. Start a conversation with our team via email at sales@ultrashieldprotection.com.au and we’ll be happy to help you get the support you need. There’s no better partner for protecting your cars than Ultra Shield Protection.