Door Edge

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Revolutionary Door Edge Protection Film

Take those extra lengths to defend the quality of your car with door edge protection film kits from Ultra Shields Protection. When you open up your door in carparks or in your garage the first point of contact is likely to be your door edge, which means the paint there is highly vulnerable to scratches, paint chips and further damage. Even if you endeavour to drive over smoother roads, slow down when it’s bumpy, or park the furthest away in car parks to avoid other vehicles, it is only a matter of time until something unpleasant damages the appearance of your vehicle, and decreases any potential resale value. For an effective solution that will allow you to drive carefree with confidence, apply the durable door edge protection film from Ultra Shield Protection.

The ultimate protection for your door’s edges

We understand the disbelief that a thin film applied over a door’s edges can effectively defend against dings and dents from roadside aggravators. It is when we explain the makeup of our particular door edge protection film that they then see the truth. Though transparent, it is made from highly durable, top grade Polyurethane materials capable of absorbing and redirecting any impact from hazards, greatly reducing the likelihood of paint chips and stone damage. The transparency element – which is resistant to ‘yellowing’ with age – is merely to keep your vehicle looking like it has just received a fresh new coat of paint, with an expertly applied, glossy finish. With easy installation and a highly affordable price tag, you will potentially save hundreds on repairs and maintenance costs with this one investment. The sooner the door edge protection film is applied, the better, so for more information, contact Ultra Shields Protection today.

Protection films available for your vehicle

If you would like protection film for more parts of your car beyond the door edge, including bonnets, the door cups, or headlights, our expert team can help identify the solution that’s right for you. For more information on how Ultra Shield Protection can help you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly staff by sending an email to