Application Guide

Ultra Shield PPF application guide

Equipment required

- Rubber Squeegee or Microfibre towel wrapped around a hard card
- 2 Spray bottles
- Isopropyl Alcohol or Methylated spirits
- Johnson's baby shampoo or similar (slip solution)
- Low lint towel

Surface preparation
- Ensure vehicle is washed down and dried. 
- Check surfaces where film is to be applied is free from contaminants, tar or adhesive residue. If there are signs of build up, its it recommended to clay bar the surface.

Slip Solution
- In one spray bottle, mix 5 drops of baby shampoo with 1 litre of water. 
- In the second bottle, fill with plain water.

1. Prior to application, wipe down surface with Isopropyl alcohol or Methylated spirits.
2. Generously wet surface with slip solution.
3. Peel back paint protection film from backing sheet whilst spraying the adhesive side with the slip solution. This will help minimise static.
4. Place film onto surface and position it correctly. 
5. Wet surface then use the rubber squeegee with light to moderate pressure to tack film into place and remove excess solution.

Note: Curved areas may require the film to be stretched to conform to the surface. This is achieved by tacking down the film on one side/corner and then stretching film to opposite side and squeegeeing moisture out to hold it in place.

6. Wipe down surface and check that all moisture has been squeegeed out. Repeat steps 4 & 5 if there are multiple bubbles.
7. To tack down edges, use the plain water spray bottle to flush any remaining slip solution out and then squeegee. Finish up by running a microfiber towel along the edges to dry.
8. Leave to dry for 15 minutes then check and push down edges to tack down.

Door cup & Door edge application
- Application is similar to the above except when applying door edge or door cup pieces ,only use water. No slip solution required.
- Use fingers to push moisture out as squeegee will be too large.

Care and maintenance 
- Paint protection film is porous so any remaining moisture or fine moisture bubble will dry and settle within 7-14 days.
- To maintain the film wash vehicle regularly being careful around the edges and corners of the film.
- It is recommended to treat the film with a spray wax or plastic cleaner and protectant once every 8-10 weeks to help condition the film and minimise discolouration.